Minggu, 11 Januari 2015

Where We Can Find “Jogja”

Yogyakarta is a lovely city since I was a child until today, though a life atmosphere of this city has already changed a lot and made me disappointed. Less public transportation in line with more hotel and department store’s projects are two reasons  why this lovely city no more comfort to live in, for some people, especially the natives. I still call it lovely for sure, but it’s not the best place in my live-longer list, actually.  
However, instead of talking about my disappointment related to Jogja, I’d prefer talking about some good places to attend either to have a me-time or group discussion. I love being a part of crowd, but not on traffic jam, Slank’s concert, nor Malioboro in peak season of holiday. Here I tell about my 3 favorite places to hold a personal or grouping time (or a small reunion) to enjoy Yogyakarta.

1.       Angkringan Alkid, near Wijilan
Alkid stands for Alun-Alun Kidul, a big empty field with twin big trees in the middle, let’s call it a local public place. Basically, angkringan is a place to kill the time with quite cheap price of food. The food is usually brought on a cart, covered with a tent and a small bench for guest’s seat. However, angkringan Alkid is a little bit different. It holds in a building, two floors, with only a mat and table to have a dine in called “lesehan” (there are some chairs too in the first floor) and many many kinds of food provided. What makes this place is so Jogja is because the menu and the atmosphere. I love to order a tea with pot, called nasgitel, stands for panas (hot), legi (sweet), and kentel (thick). It can hold the conversation longer because the tea is still hot within the teapot. How great!

2.       Klinik kopi
When I stuck on something, I come to Klinik Kopi to seek for some inspirations. Haha, sounds too much, but it’s true. This place is not a place where you can open a book and laptop then forget about a world for a few hours, but it’s place where you get into people and talk about anything, include the coffee itself. I never know whom I will meet there beside the coffee maker, Mas Pepeng, and it seems like an adventure. Too many good and inspiring people there to make you inspired from and open your mind wider. Give me a trust.

3.       Jamu godog

It’s located in Kaliurang street km.22, with a big gate standing before the stall appeared clearly if the visitors come from south. Besides selling a healthy drink called “jamu”, this place also sells traditional medicine plants. After drinking jamu, visitors can explore the Jamu Godog’s garden, some portions of paddy field, and strolling around that place. There’s no music but nice wind. Lovely.

*merupakan salah satu tulisan yang dibuat untuk kegiatan EnglishDiscuss setiap hari Jumat sore

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